Master's in Social Responsibility & Impact in Business (MSSRIB)

Your Gateway to Global Impact

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Embark on a transformative journey with UConn’s MS in Social Responsibility & Impact in Business (MSSRIB). Our 30-credit program is open to individuals with diverse educational backgrounds and positions graduates to be a catalyst for positive social, economic, and environmental change in business and organizations.

For College GraduatesMS in Social Responsibility & Impact in Business

Designed for college graduates, this 30-credit graduate degree program can be Fast Track (completed in as little as 12-months) or Flex Pace (a more flexible schedule providing work-life-education balance.)

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For UCONN UndergraduatesAccelerated MS in Social Responsibility & Impact in Business

For current UConn undergraduate students, earn credits toward your MSSRIB while earning your bachelor’s degree at UConn. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors accepted to the Accelerated MSSRIB program can apply selected undergraduate credits toward their MSSRIB degree.

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Meet the Growing Demand for Socially Responsible Business Leaders

In a world where economic, social, and environmental sustainability is paramount, businesses and other organizations seek professionals equipped to integrate strategic and ethical practices into decision-making. Today, employers, consumers, investors, and regulators are increasingly demanding businesses and other organizations to adopt sustainable practices. Many individuals are seeking the skills to drive this shift toward socially responsible consumption and work environments.

The UConn MSSRIB: Your Gateway to Global Impact

UConn's AACSB-accredited School of Business equips you to meet this demand with its cutting-edge, 30-credit program, the Master of Science in Social Responsibility & Impact in Business. Our globally recognized Business Law and Marketing faculty bring a wealth of research and teaching expertise to the MSSRIB program. The curriculum integrates business fundamentals with specialized knowledge in social responsibility, sustainability, and human rights. A combination of academic rigor and practical business education ensures that graduates will be well-prepared for the challenges of the evolving business landscape.

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MSSRIB Learning Objectives: Shaping Future Change-Makers

The MSSRIB is designed to complement disciplinary interests including business, human rights, political science, environmental and social sustainability, communications, and engineering. The program provides a deep understanding of how students can drive positive social, environmental, and economic innovation and change within their company/organization. Students learn to develop and embed social responsibility initiatives within business models, navigate corporate social responsibility requirements, and gain expertise in environmental and social governance reporting.

Aligned with UConn and the School of Business Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

The MSSRIB program is in aligned with UConn’s strategic plan and the School of Business’s strategic plan, as well as the President's Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility, the Office of Sustainability, and the Business and Human Rights Initiative. Based at an institution embracing these initiatives at the highest level, the MSSRIB program prepares students to be socially responsible leaders who can undertake impactful business actions for positive social change.

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It’s Time to Take the Next Step

Embark on a transformative journey with the MSSRIB program at UConn’s School of Business and become a catalyst for a sustainable and socially responsible future. Take the next step towards shaping your career and making a positive impact on the world. We invite you to inquire, register for an information session, or apply today.